Saturday, 24 October 2009

Right, I'm Off.

So here it is in a nutshell,

On the 1st November 2009 I fly to Cambodia,
I have a
one way ticket.
I plan to be gone for a wile.

Basically I turn 30 in February and I'm planning to have become a man by then.
To do this I'm planning on completing a list of "rights of passage'

This list includes things like,
learn to ride a motorbike,
get a tatoo
wrestle a midget
be publicly naked,
eat something I've killed,
Saved someone's life,
smuggle drugs across an international border,
convince a stranger that I have tourrettes

If you have any suggestions for things I can add to my list then feel free to suggest them,

Anyway The Story begins Cambodia 2nd November.
It lasts as long as the money does but apparently it only costs a few pounds a day to live out there.

So here's what I'm putting out there.

The Buttons in the side heading of this blog
If you donate just 30pence every time you read this blog then I can buy one more meal in Cambodia.
Essentially what I'm saying is if you're my friend help me out and if you don't consider yourself my friend or more specifically if you don't like me, (I know you're out there), then look how cheep it is to keep me away.

I mean a 30p donation is a meal yeah

£1.50 is a bed for the night

but £60 (probably about what you'd pay an up-and-coming act for a 10 min spot) would keep me out of England for a month
thus gaurenteing that all you shit-brained promoters and psudo-high-brow wannabe industry fuck puppets can carry on yu mindless little watered-down championing of the average whilst continuing to suck on the swaggering balls of any new thing that rolls along just cos somebody who works for a magazine that only exists on the internet said that they were the next Lily Allen.

Might even be worth certain people getting together and putting in an Arts Council application see if yu can't get funding to keep me away from the scene on a semi-perminant basis eh.

Anyway feel free to donate as much as you like, If you don't donate fair enough that just means your indifferent to me and I'm surprised you read this far.

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