Saturday, 10 October 2009

Dog man the musical

anyone who's a fan of reading and has a big enough gap in there lives to care about what I say on the Internet may have had the experience of reading my story; Dog Man.
if you ain't read it that's a link and there's a link at the bottom of this blog.

anyway, if you crossed my path at Latitude festival, provided I liked the look of yu, then you might even have yu self hard copy of the actual book, (hold on to those only 200 made and they'll be worth loads of money when the allegations finally become public and my face is all up on the front page of the Daily Hate).

I recently had an invitation from universal badman and positive roll model Charlie Dark, (who I found out is actually the guy who came up with the I'd do anything to be on TV thing from 90's hypo-colour Terry Christian/Mark Lamar wank-off THE WORD, yu know, snog a granny/pube sandwich/etc all his ideas).

far as I was concerned it seemed like the perfect excuse to evolve Dog Man into a performance.
I added a musical aspect an all by creating loop pedal soundscapes via a stolen copy of Band on my cracked ipod touch.

I think on the whole it was well received.
I know Charlie and my friends Steve, Neil and Al all liked it.

I'm doing it again in Leeds on the 19th October for Sticks and Stones at strawbs bar,
so all you Northerners can see it,

then I'm doing it again at the Albany on the 31st November for Polarbear's night
and there may possibly be one in between some where in Leicester but as yet nothing is booked.

The story its self is something I am pleased with and it would seems as if other people like it too. It's the biggest thing I've done in the last 2 years and has made me think alot more about the kind of work I'm gunna be making in the future. Here's the link

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