Monday, 12 October 2009

back to scratch

So anyone who's a proper die hard follower of the old CompWeezy will remember the days of signing on.

Been a wile eh,
almost a real person for a bit there.

Although recently I've mainly been fulfilling my obligated time on stage/in school today I had to fulfill my obligated time in the Job centre.

once again they actually let me chose my own areas of potential work and once again I declined to change Dancer for Warehouse.

That day still hasn't quite come yet

Anyone that wants to come see me doing this for them selves is welcome to do so Dates are right there and it all kicks off bout 3.45ish depending on queues.

You might even get to see some other acts an all, when I went for my interview the other week I saw this guy in the foyer.

I think his claim had been denied cos he was saying that his legs wouldn't work until he got his money.
Security Guards had to physically carry him out and leave him in the street.

Cold eh

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