Monday, 6 October 2008

Scratching on.

Yeah times are hard for Berko of late.
I ain't got no work on. I know what yu thinking, you'r like "What how can you not have any work on? I thought you were nearly famous, surely you've got loads of stuff on."
Well I ain't.
I actually asked a friend of mind who runs an employment agency for some work and he said he couldn't let me give up "the dream" by working for him.
Fair enough it shows that he believes in me.
What this means is that now I'm reduced to signing on.
and that ain't my dream.
My first one was week before last. Now it's 9am every other Thursday morning.
Job Centre Plus actually opens at nine so I get 5 mins or so of standing outside with my fellow signers. 
And I've noticed a trend.
I seem to have overlooked my signing on uniform, everyone else, and I mean everyone. Is dressed the same.
I need to get with the fashion. Apparently the hot look for work-dodgers this year is that grey's the new black. Every last one of 'um has this same look, achieved by mixing together 3 different brands of grey tracksuit and setting the whole thing off with a grey Stone Island or Next cardigan. I tell you what this Thursday I'm planning on taking some pictures that I can send to Gok Wan so he can feel as proud of being from here as I am.

I'll just finish by saying if anyone wants to give me a job then let me know and I'll fucking do it.

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