Saturday, 27 September 2008

Yu know how Baksy's like a proper atsist now.
I mean he's like Bob from Heroes.
My personal favorite part of all this is, that if Banksy does do a thing on a building, the council will actively protect it.
Crazy init. It's like more than having permission.
He could paint on your house, that you own. and you wouldn't be allowed to paint over it.

And I don't see why no ones realized what this means..
Check it yeah
They're always closing down youth centers init.
Well it's as simple as this. Paint a big fake Banksy on yu youth centre. Bang! I garenty it's safe.
Any idiot with a craft knife, a can of spaypaint and a copy of photoshop can copy a Banksy.
Just print out one of the rats off google image eh. Easy

Yu seen this guy he thinks he's Banksy's nemisis.

He ain't.

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