Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Here's a poem.

This poem is written in the style of John Cooper Clark.
I have chosen to accompany it with an anicdote about meeting John Cooper Clark in the toilets at Latitude Festival.

Here’s the anicdote.

I was at
Latitude Festival,

And I went to
the toilet,

And you wouldn’t beleve who’s standing next to me,
It’s only
John Cooper Clark,

And I turned to him and said,
“hey John, yu know, for you this is just going to the toilet,
but for me,

it’s an anicdote.

Here’s the Poem.


I’m a spaceman and I live in space,
I’m a spaceman with a spaceman’s face,
I’m a spaceman and I need my space,
Gimmy some space man.

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