Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Shameless self promotion

Check this out,
Someone told me that they heard someone talking about the Pillers on Radio1 t'other week.
Huw Stephens apparently.
Gave me an idea.

I text him this week init,
Huw that is.
went like this
Hey Huw, 
You should check out PillErs of the Community! 
They're number 1 on my iPod. Love Beki x

We only had to listen for 20 mins till he read it out.
That's how easy it is.
All yu got to do is make it flow like a sound-bite.
Little bit of cliche,
Reference to popular culture,
Give 'em what they want init,
Then you finish with a name that sounds like a teenage girl and put a kiss on it, cos thats what girls do. they put kisses on texts.
(I will point out that this is the only time I pretend to be a teenage girl, I don't do it on the internet).

My favorite thing about Beki's text is that it does one of two things.
Either it promotes illegal downloading. See only one of the Pillers songs is available on iTunes, (also a link).
Or alternatively it suggests that Keri means this one song; WeFightDirty, (obviously a Link) which is actually only 1min 12secs long, and she listens to it all the time.
In which case she's an idiot. Still to her credit she's a loyal idiot, and possibly "Knows" at least one the band.
I think maybe Huw needs to get a little bit better at 
reading between the lines.
Especially if he intends to scupper my plans of getting him to say the name of our band on his show again.
I don't think he's up to it.
and I would definately not be surprised if Beki got another text read out on next weeks show.

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