Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Barang Foot.

Now I've spent the whole of my life wearing shoes. With the obvious exceptions of sleeping, swimming and yoga most activities i've ever got myself involved in seemed to have something to do with wearing shoes.

Well those days are gone mate. Cos nowerdays I just wear flip-flops.

Yeah mate flip-flops are where it's at.

Same goes for all the other barang.
You don't really wanna buy yu flip-flops either. Most guesthouses have usually got half a dozen pairs out front so if yu just look about a bit you can usually find something you like.
Mess yu feet right up though.
Gives you proper Barang foot.

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Cambo photo set 14

Saturday, 26 December 2009

The egg men.

Now you get a lot of street sellers kicking about round Phnom Penh. Between them all they sell an enormouse range of things.
The commern factor with all these sellers is that they all cruse around in customised vehicles. Vehicles that have been made not only as transport but also as a portable work station.

I've seen a man with a sowing machine fixed to the handle bars of a bicycle, a mobile key-cutters made from a motorbike, and all manner of other crazy and inginious contraptions.

Not to mention all the street food.
Alot of food sellers have mobile kitchens based in a 2 wheel cart.
Yeah that's what a lot of them do.
But then there's the eggmen.

The eggmen drive motorbikes with a griddel in their sidecars. On the griddle are hard grilled chicken eggs, with an apparently dilicious taste.

The reason I know this is because our friend Conor translated the words that all the eggmen have playing on loop, at full volume, blaring from the megaphones attached to the front of their bikes.

I'm still unsure of the eggmen.
They all wear masks, they drive at about 6 miles an hour and they all like to have a right stare at any Barang they drive past.

I'm under the impression that these eggmen have a sinister political agenda. I think that just maybe the recorded message that echoes down the streets throgh which they roam is actually anti-barang properganda.

"delicious chicken eggs, barang out, out the barang,
Hard grilled barang out chicken eggs,"

Needless to say I've got my eye on them eh.

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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christas Eve in Phnom Penh.

So what with it being Christmas Eve an all,
I thought I'd do something a bit different.

So I got myself the Oldest Cyclo driver i could find and we went off about town looking for Christmas.

I tried to buy him some beers and I tried to get him to sit in the chair while I peddle but he wouldn't have it.
I had to settle on just paying him a bit more than we'd agreed.

Here's the photos.

Check out all my Christmas mail.

I had a little breakdance battle with these kids on Riverside.

So Basically it was just another day.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Smoking dog

What you never seen a Ch'guy smoking a Barai before?