Wednesday, 16 December 2009


So last night a big group of backpackers checked in to the hostal i
call home. It was a group of 6 English lads who seemed to have joined
up with 3 Aussie girls 2 aussie guys and an American dude. If you
ain't a maths-man that's a 3-1 boy on girl ratio.
Bad numbers.

To put it another way it's like taking 9 clubs to play 3 holes of
golf. And take it from me, these Sidney girls are alot more crazy golf
than they are Rider cup.

It's much more fun to watch than golf though,
much more like curling.

One guy sliding the stone down the ice while his mates brush the path
infront of him.
Only for his advances to be knocked out of contention by the next
country's shot.
To be fair the American's doing well seeing as though he ain't got no
England have got at least 2 teams working a confusing and
contradiction riddeled game across the same target.

She's half Thai but Aussie born and that seems to be just the right
mix for them. One guy's definately in the lead he's had a strong game
running since i first saw them last night.

These guys all wanna go to the shooting range, but they've been told
all the bazookas have been taken away by the army. The bosses want
them all pointed at the Thai boarder.

One Aussie lad joked that they could go up to boarder and shoot at
Thailand then cross the boarder and shoot one back.. "fight a whole
waaar. 's'only gunna cost yu like 400 backs"

Quite an amusing thought that if war came, then the whole thing would
be fought by boardshorted barang backpackers who'd paid hundreds of
dollars for the privaledge.

If it wasn't for the chilling potential reality of the bazookas at the
boarder thing then I might even have laughed about it.

They day before they left the curling score was Englisht lads 1 Aussie
lads 1 and between them all they'd worked up a bill of over US$500.

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