Thursday, 10 December 2009

Paid to eat for free.

So it seems I might have got myself a job as a prostitute.
Not an actual street-walking 4 dollar hand-shandy sort. Of course not,
nar I mean an artistic prostitute,. Although I prefer the term
Check me out.

I've started work at a magazine. I'm using my other name and i'm not
telling you what it's called, (don't know about google association
between them and the blog) but its like a free glossy lifestyle and
entertainments magazine with a circulation of about 5,000 hard copies
distributed across Phnom Penh's English speaking bars and Barang hang
outs, (Barang-outs).

Anyway my job at the minute is writing copy for the "openings" page in
the news section of this magazine. I get 7cents/word. Not much eh,

but the bonus is anything I write about I have to do, and they're
Today was my first gig. I had to eat a $14 steak then write a hundred
words about it.

I've got to go to a "Bond theamed" night tonight and drink some
They want a hundred words for that an all.

The writing involved is basically compiling a list of facts. the
stylesheet they gave me starts with the glairing statment.
Don't use adverbs.
Proper crushed me that.
Struggled to get 100 words without adverbs.
I'm gunna try and subtly pervert the form over my next ten articles.
Try and find out where the line is.

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andrew said...

ace!- what the fuck is that on that guys back?!- the carvery!? \/