Sunday, 6 December 2009

The other end

Tonight i'm through the looking glass.
On the other side of what I now call reality.

My friend Nam's Djing at a leaving party for someone related to the Swedish embassy. Or something like that anyway.

The house itself is located uptown phnom penh and behind the private gate and rolls of razor wire sits the heated pool and air conditioned house of Cambodia's upper-middle class.

See when it comes to Khmer people you've got yu classic trickle down effect. The rich poor divide is staggering. What this means is that there are no Khmer middle classes. This tax bracket is occupied by the Barang class.

Here yu go, down at Wat Phnom there's an elephant. It has a seat on it' back and if you pay you can ride it.
See poor Khmer people can't afford to pay for it rich Khmer people could ride it for free and Barang are the only class that would pay to ride the elephant.

All though I get the feeling these Barang here think of themselves as being from better stock than those for whole elephant riding sounds like fun.
Anyway we've been here 2 hours and only just got offered a drink.

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