Sunday, 14 September 2008

New Leggy

Right I know you know about 


and if yu don't know then I can sum it up f'yu.
Leicester's Motto as emblasened on our coat of arms is 
This litterally translates to English as 
always the same.
The irony of this is completely lost on the majority of Leggy's gliterati,
anyway, things are changing Leggy looks like a different creature these days.

Some massive 
redevelopment of the whole Highcross area.
looks like Birmingham now.
my mate Kyle went into the new Lacoste shop
he was looking for a pair of shorts. He ask's
" yu got any shorts?"
Geeza said
" yeah one pair over there."
and he show's him something that Kyle discribes as longs,
Kyle says "Nar mate, SHORTS"
"Yeah we only sell them,"
Kyle's like, 
"Nar fella, I sin 'um in mags an that,"
So he bought a hat for £30 and fucked off
That'll show 'em.

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