Thursday, 23 October 2008

European Girls make the Best Cappuccinos

I don't know if you know me or not, but if you don't know me then there's something you should know about me, and if you do know me then there's something you no doubt know all ready. 
I drink a lot of coffee.
Yu know?
Today started at 7.30 when I woke up crawled to the kitchen and made my first coffee of the day.

Where:My house
Coffee:Nescafe blend 37
Made by:Me

Then I went through the Bi-weekly rigmarole of the job search process. 9 o'clock signing time.

Where:Charles Street Job Center Plus
Coffee:Not a drop
Made by:Nobody

After that I went to meet Ben and Dan as they started work. I grabbed a coffee on the way.

Where:Haymarket Costa
Made by:1 lad

Then hung about for a bit met up with Dan and we went for a coffee.

Where:High-Cross Costa
Made by:2 girls
(Canadian & some sort of European)

So I hung around in some shops for a bit then on my way back to the car I went to check my e-mails and sit down with a coffee.

Where:Ice Mango
Made by:Dom

I briefly went back home then ran back out to the studio with Kyle via getting a coffee.

Where:Market Street Nero
Made by:2 girls
(Polish & Japanese)

After that I had a quick meeting at Curve, but having arrived slightly early I had just enough time to relax with a coffee.

Where:LCB Depo
Made by:1 lad
(I think he was Scottish)

Final having finished my meeting on the way back to the car park I thought I might as well.

Where:Market Street Nero
Made by:1 girl
(The Japanese one)

I'm home now and to be honest I think I'm gunna have a lie down.

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