Friday, 17 October 2008

I had a meeting/tour of Curve the other day.
It's billed as the most ambitious theatre project in Europe.
and I tell yu what, when it opens I suggest that everyone goes and has a look at the inside.
It's like a massive Art-Deco transformer.
Firstly the thing is massive. Proper huge eh,

and when you're inside all the exterior walls bend outwards as they go up.
Added to that most of the interior walls can be moved in at least one direction and the whole thing can be configured into multiple spaces and these spaces have the potential to change shape/size within a performance.
Personally I find this quite exciting for the possibility of creating site specific work there.
I like doing things within theatre that challenge the audience's perception of what to expect.
So if I do manage to wedge my foot in that particular door then expect your perceptions to be challenged.

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