Sunday, 25 October 2009

Smoking Blues

Now I'm sure that just like me you all are keen followers of weed related news stories,
and you may recently have read about the banning of "legal-highs" following a young girl dying after mixing "Legal-GhB" with copious amounts of alcohol, (the only drug you are allowed to kill yu self with).
Now obviously that girls death was tragic but according to what I've read it was the presence of alcohol in her system that pushed her over the edge and I don't see them banning that.

Anyway, we've all got opinions eh,

Still yesterday I got given this. (thanks Sam)
Fake/Legal weed.
Look at it.
You're probably thinking "Now I don't know much about weed but I'm pretty sure it's not meant tot have bits of blue in it."
And yu'd be right.
Not even Blue-Cheese has any blue in it so why's it in my Fake stuff eh?

So if you smoke a lot of weed, in fact lets not mollycoddle it; if you've got a cannabis dependency then I'm sure that at some point you've found yu self in the position of having to make a stalk-spliff, where you collect all yu stalks up and chop them into little bits and just hope that the final remnants of TCH on these stalks might act like a boiled chicken cadaver and create some kind of metaphorical weed-gravy placebo-high.

Hopefully tricking your subconscious mind into thinking you might be stoned.

Well this was less satisfying that that.

I think that the blue bits were possibly ink-stained wood. because it tasted a bit like those rainbow Rizla that one of yu mates order off the Internet when yu 14.

All in all I'm pretty sure smoking it did me more harm than good

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