Friday, 16 October 2009


"Son of a bitch!"

Yeah you all know the expression.
Born of the American idiom this little beauty seems like it's part of your everyday life.
But let me ask you something,
have you ever actually said it?
and meant it?

Of course you haven't and that's simply because life isn't an American film rated PG13.

I mean if I was ever forced to invoke an Americanism to express my frustration with another human being then I'd chose "MotherFucker" any day of the week.

Still there's a certain power to the old S.O.B

and yu can't really say Motherfucker to people in shops when they don't have the right rizla.

So here's what I'm putting out there,
I'm switching,
give it ago yu self.

Next time yur in Gregsy's and the woman's giving it "we ain't got no stake bakes left, m'duck."
instead of getting caught up in the usual conversation about double negatives,
just drop it raw

"Son of a Bitch!"

check out how powerful it makes you feel, like Gary Busey

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