Sunday, 18 October 2009

The difference between cats and dogs.

So I'm talking to this guy about like crowd mentality, the dynamics of audience response and social conditioning and that,
and he's like,
"yeah it's like Pavlov's cat."
(I think he got it off Hugh Dennis on Mock the Week)

I'm like
"what yonna bout mate?
Pavlov didn't have a fucking cat that was Schrödinger,
and that's a theory and not an experiment,
and it ain't got fuck all to do with this anyway,
that's about putting a fucking hypothetical cat in a hypothetical box with a load of food laced with poison.
Then following that it's obviously about the inherent speculative possibilities for the cats health.
Where as "Pavlov's Dogs" is about getting some actual dogs in an actual room.."

anyway as I was saying this his iphone rang,
He answered it so I kicked him in the shins.
I think I'm gunna follow him about and kick him in the shins every time his phone rings.
Should only take something like a week and a half till I bring him physical pain with a one-ringer.

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