Saturday, 2 May 2009

food to go

see I spend a fair bit of time driving to or from things,
and recently it's seemed like
this time on the road has also become the only time I eat anything.
Due to this I've been consuming a disproportionate quantity of pre-packed sandwiches, and I'm gunna break you off a little observation.
Yu know bacon yeah!?
The thinly sliced slabs of grilled/fried swine-flesh that constitutes the B in the the BLT yeah.....Course yu fucking know bacon.
anyway, I reckon it's gotta be one of the most easily tessellated sandwich meats going. 2 pieces of well placed bacon on a slice of mothers pride looks like a deliciously square porky ying-yang, just the aesthetic I'm looking for in a driving snack/meal.

Well taking that as a standard, I find it abso-fucking-lootly amazing that every single fucking BLT I buy from anywhere has one piece of bacon just hanging loose out the side of it. I'm starting to think they're doing it on purpose. like that's how they teach them to do it in the strange corner of Hull where they make all these fucking sandwiches. Mind blowing.

Also other thing that's been fucking me up is carbonated water.
I keep going for normal water but end up coming away with fizzy. yeah, I know, my fault, need to read labels better. but anyway, why does anyone want Fizzy Water?
unless you're either mixing it with booze or you've got a load of soda-stream syrup left over from the mid eighties then what the fuck would you want with that shit?

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