Monday, 4 May 2009

Struggeling to Focuss.

I've bin to a couple of Raves this weekend and tried taking a few photo's on my phone to document it all. Trouble is generally either the photo ends up being out of focus or I reacted too slow and missed whatever it was I was trying to get a picture of......   Still I figured what't'fuck-it. I'll put um up anyways.  
So here yu go.

This Picture was taken through the rear view mirror of my car in central London. 
I can only assume there was something interesting behind me.

This picture is also from the car in central London. 
This time I was trying to document the protests to free Sri Lanka.

This Picture is in the smoking room at Nuke Em All on Hackney Road.

This Picture is in that same room. 
I was trying to get a picture of the girl dressed as a unicorn.

These 3 Pictures were both failed attempts to get a picture of this guy.

In the end I just asked him eh.

This Picture was supposed to be of this Range rover that had loads of loud speakers coming out of it's roof I tried to take a picture of it through my sunroof as I was driving up the M1 but only managed to get a picture of my roof.

This Picture is outside of Rock City for Detonate in Nottingham.

This Picture is inside Stealth.

In This Picture I was trying to get a shot of the crowd in the upstairs room at stealth but failed to really give the impression of how busy it was.

This Picture is back outside RockCity. I was trying to get a picture of the kid in the pink jeans. He had a day glow tool-belt filled with rave paraphernalia.


In these 3 Pictures I was trying to document this guy's double rat-tail. He refused to acknowledge me when I asked him to pose for it.

This Picture is the mainroom Rock City. So's the video.

This is a Picture of A-Track. Apparently I look like him.

This is a Picture of my Trainers after 2 days of being in Raves. 
Dirty Bastards.

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