Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Electric Fags.

Today was the day when everything changed.
Forget about what has happened up till now because it don't matter any more.
Today we are officially in the future.

Look at this.

Yeah it's a bad picture but if you can still read the bit of writing at the top. It says "ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES"
Here's the science.

Look at all the stuff that comes with them. inc. Spare filters/cartridges, USB charger and external hard drive plus a bulldog clip and the actually Lecky Fag itself.
Here's a video of them actually working. Check the green light on the tips.

That which looks like smoke is in fact Nicotine Rich condensed air vapor. 
It's all down to the tiny atomiser inside the device.
But the basic long and short of it all is that you can smoke them anywhere yu like and nobody can say shit to yu.
See yu next week when they finish the food replicators and digital coffee eh.

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