Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Now I don't know if yu do/I don't know if yu don't, but I did.
Not telling yu who for but yu know who it wern't for. and thats whats portant eh.
See thing is that most folks I know don't vote.
No one can really be bothered.
They genuinly don't seem to think it makes a difference.
Tell yu what.
It fucking does.
cos all it needs is the right amount of wrong people to vote, (and they fucking will, ain't nothing more determined than a moron who thinks he might win,)
and then we're all fucked.

Yeah yeah I'm stating the obvious but if it's that fucking obvious why am I saying it. 

footnote: I've not typed the names of the "wrong people to vote for" because I don't want my blog to appear in their google searches. 

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