Thursday, 18 June 2009

School boy error.

Now normally on a Thursday I'd have a workshop starting at 9 in the am and finishing about 2ish. Today was a little different as we were taking the workshop group on a little field trip to Curve so as they could see "An Inspector Calls" (Brilliant by the way, go see it you cultureless idiots).

Anyway, when I woke up this morning I had a few things to do but I knew I had a bit of spare time before I had to get to the theatre for the 1 o'clock arrival time we'd agreed with the young people.

Hungry to feel the benifit of this newly found leisure moments and what with last weekend being the official start to my summer I decided to sit about in the garden in just my shorts.
To be fair I really got into it.
so much so that I didn't even check the time until just after half twelve. Just enough time for me to grab my things throw on a T-shirt and a trainers and jump in't' van and get t'Curve on time.

As I stepped out of the van at the other end I realised the severity of my error.

Still got shorts on, not only that but my shortest shorts, good few inch above the knee short.
In my haist I hadn't even considered it a problem but now as I was about to walk into a theatre full of Matanea goers to "be responsible" for a group of 15/16 year olds.
Yeah not really very appropriate.

My group took great delight in pointing this out on several occasions.
Once I'd sat in my seat it was less obvious and my legs were only really visable to the people on my row.

The other funny thing I notice about Curve today was the strange lonely seat at the front of the audience (stage right).
Check it.
I think next time I go Curve I'm gunna try and book it as my seat, it looks like there's plenty of leg room.

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