Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Biting my style.

Yu know if yu from Leggy then you probably know Kasabian on some kind of personal level.
I'd be surprised if you didn't.

Well I was at school with Tom, Surge, and Chris Pratt (he left after the first album and apparently married some girl who was in Clarissa explains it all; not the main girl Sebrina the Teenage witch but some other girl.)

Anyway, when we were like 14-17 Tom hung around in the same crew as me and we'd spend our free evenings on the various suburban street corners of Blaby and Whetstone. Now I'm saying this not for recognition but because he's recently done something that's fucked me up.
Check it
I got my self a new jacket that I was planning to where on stage with Pillers for gigs.
Here's a picture from
Yeah probably 50 people saw me take to the stage in that jacket that night.

Few weeks later.

Look at our Tom out there for the whole fucking world to see.

Now I'm looking at a whole load of,
"Oh that's just like Tom from Kasabian's Jacket"
whenever I wear mine again.
But so as you lot know.
He copied Me.

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