Thursday, 7 May 2009

People don't know about Manzon Road.

Yu know I like stories as much as the next man,
and I'll just remind yu of a couple of relevant ones before I start on mine.

1. WAR OF THE WORLDS The Orson Welles version of the HG Wells classic.
Yu know where he staged it as a news broad cast and caused mass hysteria to all the people who tuned in not realising it was fiction. People who suspend their disbelief to the point of accepting as completely true, something that common sense should tell us is probably false.

2. THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF Classic don't bullshit or folk won't believe yu moral narrative. 
We all know it it's time old, probably Bible or something, (ain't read it but I hear they based part of Lion/witch/wardrobe on it and that was pretty shit and far fetched if yu ask me.)

Anyway baring these two stories in mind I'll start my own. 
I was thinking about making some sort of advert for my blog yeah 
and I figured I didn't want it to look like an advert for my blog.
wanted to try and be a bit clever.
 Now I was at a rave the other night and a friend of mine was talking about having been given some "fake drugs" and another friend said "Oh, that sounds like Fake Blood," and that's when it hit me. 
I could advertise my blog with a flyer that looked a bit like it was for a rave, I figured if I just make up a load of random band names that sound a bit funny call it after my computers blue tooth name and put no actual information on it other than the blog address. 
I thought everyone would realise that's what it was.

Oh how I chuckled to myself at the thought of posting it on peoples pages for them to see and laugh along.

Oh ho ho how I gafored at the very idea of starting a facebook event page devoted to bizarrely named bands and promoting my blog.

So next day after I've done these things it seems like maybe I was a bit too subtle. Too subtle even for some really close friends who actually thought I was promoting a night. 

Me. Promoting anything other than my own self indulgent rantings? 

Me organising anything other than what I'm supposed to be doing in the next 2 days?
Me, even actually going to a night? (Although to be fair I have been out a little bit lately, no longer no-show-berko eh).

The thing with the facebook event is that you have to put an address and I thought long and hard about trying to think of a funny address and the best I could do was Manzon Road, (Mans On Road, yu know like, "this one's for the mans on road" yeah/no?)
Well it seems like only I find that funny everyone else things it's really confusing and google maps don't know what to fucking make of it.

Some people do know it's not really real and they've played along like it is so it makes it even more confusing for me, but this does offer me the emperors new clothes get out clause, (should of said 3 stories but I'm not completely sure it's relevant). 

See if you did think That this was a real night that's cool, (and I'm sorry to disappoint you we were all looking forward to Leaky Seems and the Lose Packed Ham but sorry to say no such band exists.)
If you posted confused messages on either Myspace or facebook then that's cool too. Cos I reckon even if you didn't know, then you can just say you did know but you were playing along to make my lie more believable, just like some other people were.
You were in on it from the start, like the old man in the crowd who can do handstands after the salesman's feed him the snake oil.

Anyway main trouble now is that if ever actually want to promote a night no one will believe me and I'm sure my name will add an element of doubt to an flyer it is daubed across from now on, (like it don't do that already).

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James Cameron said...

i was looking forward to seeing 'my sisters kids' play