Thursday, 30 April 2009


Turn of fortune at a service station on the way home from a pillers gig last night. 

just the two and a half words you wanna see at 1 in the morning when there's still 80 miles on the sat-nav.
Check it though this Pic-N-Mix was different.
the woman told us that if we get a bag then she weighs it and charges us for our sugary kid crack per gram.

But if we pay £3 we can have a cup..... yeah a cup, 
imagine like a Super-Size Macky D's coke cup... well if we get a cup then whatever we can get in it we can have.
Me and Jon got one each.

Based with Rolls of astrobelts
packed three fifths deep with gummy/jelly sweets pressed down to half way.
Follow the Jelly with a layer of foam based sweets, (bananas, eggs, etc) compress again. then filled remaining space with chocolate shapes, white mice, ice-creams and similar hard potentially milk based confectionery.finished with a massive fucking jelly dolphin on the top
bang a lid on that shit and get the fuck out £3 well spent.

Got half a carrier bag of Pic-N-Mix in't'car now.
Can't really eat it all, it makes me feel sick. Plus I'm a little bit worried about digesting all that gelatin, I've got a feeling it's probably gunna be about 80% still intact when it reappears in a day or so.

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