Thursday, 9 April 2009

teenage girls.

My cousins are at my house at the minute.
Eski and Ruth.
13 and 14.
I said I was gunna put um on my Blog.
Ruth said that's not how you spell Gunner. (and apparently that way was even wronger).
I said do some cool things and I'll blog it.

I don't want to document my cool things cos they just happen.

you don't no one sees them happen

yes the do my real friends
like Rosey and Felix and Martha and Dryer
(?) and Alice has x box.

you've just been documented.

and you spelt all their names wrong and actually get rid of martha because i don't have any fun times with her anyway, rep[lace her with Georgia. 
why are you writing this.
what is the point in writing that down.

Can't put a proper picture of them because my uncle says it's not appropriate. I agree.

That's their left hands.

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Anonymous said...

One on the right has nice fingernails