Saturday, 7 November 2009

They call us Barang!

"Forget that other world.
that's what I was told when we landed here.
"you're in there world now."
the word of the Khmer.

I've only recently landed on the khmer home world, as alien a place as
I've ever been.
A place full of confusing customs, bizarre symbles, limited resorces,
disturbing food and jaw-breaking language.

They call us Barang.
It litterally translates to mean Frenchman.
But they use it to mean forign.
The word didn't change, they use it to reference everything about us.
It could mean a person or people, (the plural of Barang is Barang).
But it also applies to our music, our food, our technology and our
Every think Barang is Barang.
Doesn't matter what country you are from here there is only Khmer or

Out here the Barang are nieve, easerly tricked by the Khmer women's
high skirts and low standards. Eager to follow the smell of replica
perfume hungry for taste of psudo-guilt-free exploitation.
The Khmer let the Barang exploit them became they in turn exploit the
Be it by simply increasing the price of any unmarked items or by more
extream measures involving seemingly free sex, family introductions,
unexpected domestic financial issues and extortion.

Out here they use a combinstion of both their own currency and
American dollars but they prefer the Barang money.
€1 is worth roughly 4,000 of their currency but most meals only cost
All though this is significantly different to my pre-launch
speculations it is still drastically cheaper than on our world.

When the Barang first arrive here they are weak. Both in mind and
body. Confused by the behavior of the Khmer, suspicious of their food,
inchanted by their woman, burnt by their atmosphere and punished by
their terrain.
The Khmer are strong, born out of great tragedy into desperate
poverty. Their bodies hardened by their environent. Charged by their
red sun.

They laugh at us Barang for our ignorance, and we bow politly and
appoligize with large hand guestiors.

They laugh at us when we try to speak their langage. Our Barang mouths
unable to comfortably reproduce their extended voul sounds.

But most of all they laugh at us for just being so Barang.
When we do something they don't understand like; ask for toilet paper
when you are going to the toilet or try to order a chip cob.

The khmer are a friendly and giving people who need to exploit the
Barang in order to survive on a world that's forgotten them.
The Barang exploit the Khmer purly in the persuit of pleasure and
Some Barang exploit more than others and some barang are less
exploited than others.
Still one thing is constantly true.
This new home of the Barang is completly fueled on exploitation.

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