Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Time difference

So here it is. Tonight was Saturday night its 2 o clock in the morning
right now I'm sat in a flat in London watching rocky iii. 5 hours in
the past I'm stood on stage at the Albany theatre in deptford
performing dogman and 8 hours in the future I'm checking in at
terminal 3 and getting ready for my one-way flight to Cambodia.
65 hours ago, rocky was about to fight buba clay for the first time..
Right now its 2 o'clock am in what I think is technically Wednesday. 41
hours ago I had to take my coat off as I walked out of phnom penh
international airport into the hottest morning air my lungs had ever
felt. I had 2 friends with me; grant and Sam. It was 9 am. 57 seven
hours before we meet outside terminal 3 heathrow it was also 9 am but
this time it was raining. 4 hours later it was my term to ask the
woman who hides behind the curtain half way down the plain for another
3 free whiskys. 15 minutes later it was Sam's turn. 30 minutes later
we sat eating airline food watching the cabin host explaining to an
irate man in front of us that there was no beef left. 30 seconds later
the host left the man having rejected all other options and settling
on no dinner at all. He spent the next 8 minutes sulking which
worsened at the point he looked back to see us giggling as grant and
Sam finished off there beef. 53 hours later I briefly pause from
righting this startled by a strangely beautiful sound I smile as i count
9 repetitions. 3 and a half hours ago my friend victor is telling me
about these geckos as we sit on the mezzanine in my oldest friend's
bar, in lakeside phnom penh. Sat upstairs victor and I watch the gecko
on the wall of nam's bar. victor is explaining about how the Khmer
people believe that if the gecko makes this strange noise more than 5
or 6 times then it's really lucky for all the people in the house. 3
and 3/4 hours later I've stopped thinking about the lizard as I angle
the fan towards me and away from Sam and grant's empty beds. 24 hours
ago they both slept in this room as I lay here unable to find away to
stop having a headache and start having a sleep. 17 and a half hours
before that the 3 of us are climbing into the back of a tuk tuk with
victor and nam who both live here now. 12 and a half years ago me and
victor meet for the first time on town hall square in leicester 12 and
a half years before that I meet nam for the first time. intake day for
first year infants at knighton fields primary school Leicester. 25
years later I'm again interrupted this time by grant who's come back
to the room for something he's forgotten. Someone is with him. 1
minute later I'm locking the door as he leaves. 26 and a half hours
ago grant and I bid nam and victor goodnight and walked back to see if
Sam was still asleep inside the room we'd padlocked him in. 36 hours
after that I'm playing pool with a guy called josh at the hostel grant
watches from the bar Sam didn't come home last night. 10 hours ago Sam
and grant part company at nam's bar. 38 hours before that me grant and
Sam are meeting josh for the first time. 30 minutes before that we
meet his mate dickhead. 8 hours later nam and I laugh as nam points at
the name dickhead in his slate book and points at josh's mate. 11
hours before we all laughed as we ride in the back of a tuk tuk to
the guesthouse nam and victor have arranged for us. 36 hours later we
eat pork and rice sat amongst Khmer people. 16 and a half hours
later I'm trying to buy my second 5 dollar ounce of weed in 3 days. 17
and a half years before me and nam smoke our first spliff. 15 years
later nam and victor leave for Cambodia. 30 months later I finish
writhing this and leave to find somewhere in phnom penh that has
wireless Internet. An hour earlier Sam returns with his new khmer
girlfriend. 23 hours after that I found my wireless connection.

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