Saturday, 21 November 2009

Find Your Self.

For all of you who thought I'd forgotten where I'm from let me tell you a little something.
I'm still Repping FYS Leggy's most hard core Graffiti gang.
Trust me yeah I'm nearly 17 years deep in the game.
Fair play maybe for the last 5 years I havn't been active.
in fact I maybe touched a can twice in 3 years.

Check it out I'm sat in this place called Nap House and all the walls are painted with hiphopish type images.
Ghetto blaster B.I.G etc.
anyway back wall has the worst thing I've ever seen try to palm it's self off as a piece.

So anyway I ask the owner who did it, he said he didn't know but he hated it.
I told him I'd come fix it for him the next day.

Long Short here's the snaps.

Paint was awful thought like carplan, but then again it is pretty much 1996 out here.
Had to paint the outline using Black Gloss and a brush.
Met a few other writers too.
A real cool guy from Sweden
and OXR
french guys I said I'd try and hook em up some connections for when they come England. They wanna paint trains.

I got free drinks for the rest of the night as well. ended up being a little bit sick.

Berko FYS.

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Mono said...

Back to the old school , keepin it real again then eh ? good stuff who would have thought it would take travelling half way across the globe to pick up the cans again, peace