Tuesday, 11 August 2009

What's big and Chiggy?

So I was at the Big Chiggly this weekend.
Second year I've been here and to be fair my experiences are pretty different.
In 2008 for me the big chill was the most boring of all the festivals.
I'd describe last years festival as slightly less boring than trying to think of an analogy for how boring it was that is that isn't just as cliché as watching paint dry.
Anyway this year has pulled it back for the Chiggly.
It was actually quite a lot of fun.
I've got couple of pictures I took on me phone in my more aware moments so here we go.

It was only once we'd gotten there that I fully realised how stupid I'd been not to bring wellys.

I'd gone along with Dreadlock Alien and as we rolled into the car park by the artist accreditation booth we became instantly stuck in the mud.

We struggled unsuccessfully to Perseid the van to start moving again but no good.

Some fella who was near by tried offering advice and moral support but still no good. He parked on the path behind us and put his wellys on.

Turns out he was Mr Hudson.

Nice guy and clearly not as stupid as us.

Now when yu get inside amongst the other folks it's always good to look like yu having a good time.

I've been rocking this Hawaiian shirt I got at the start of summer,

thing is it seems to attract other men in Hawaiian shirts.


One Day my own back will be this hirsute

Now when I'm at festival I like things a little different.
for example I like to drink my wine out of a bag. But some folks take it too far and like to breath there air out of illuminated bottles through a plastic tube in there faces, but then it's horses for courses I s'pose.

Best thing to do when yu feeling the heat is to pop on a little one piece snakeskin number and try slow boiling yu balls in the sunshine. Big Look.

Now if there's one person you're almost always guaranteed to bump into as you wander between camp site and toilet, in the time when it's now too late to actually get any sleep in that boiling little canvass coffin I call my home, then it's this fella.

This is Dave,
From club Dave.

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