Sunday, 2 August 2009

Summer cont....

Ok 3 more festivals done in the last 2 weeks.

Secret Garden Party, Camp Bestival and Kendal Calling.

Although I only actually stayed overnight at SGP, the other 2 where litterally 10 hour round trips for 10-20 minutes of actual performing.

Proper lost highway business,

My favorite time on stage in the last few weeks was during Hammer and Tongues show in the Antic Alley at SGP. The 2 hour show started at 2am on the Friday night and I rocked up with Kate Tempest. She did a couple of poems and was well recieved then I was offered a crack o't' wip and was unable to get more than about 8 lines in to anything before my brain decieded that it wssn't gunna happen and my legs decided that I should probably just have a sit down. So that's what I did. Just sat down, on the stage and stayed there till the end. Kate stayed to and no one seemed to mind me interjecting to pass comment and ask questions of the folks on stage.
So thank you to Angry Sam and Michelle for letting that go on.
Also if anyone wants me to come sit on there stage at any event in the next few weeks let me know cos it can be done eh.

Quick Lookylike to finish.

Dear Sir,
Surely I cannot be the only one who has noticed the striking similarity between the poet Kate Tempest and one Zac Hanson (circa 1997). Can this just be coincidence or are they in fact the same person?

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Polarbear said...

Crazy. Didn't have a drink in my mouth but spat anyway.