Monday, 24 August 2009

Twin Peaks

Now if you were at least a teenager in the 90's then you probably already watched this.
I was but for some reason I didn't (think it's got something to do with spending most of my youth walking down train tracks and climbing in and out of abandoned buildings).

Any way, following the advice of a few friends I finally downloaded it.

Only 30 x 45 minute episodes in total.
Yeah exactly what I thought only 22 and a half hours in total.

Apparently the best way to watch twin Peaks is in one go and on acid.
I've opted to do it over a week and because I've got other shit to do I also decided to forgo the acid in favor of an almost inconceivable amount of skunk.

See story wise it all starts fairly straight forward.
Laura Palmer the high school sweetheart is dead and in comes F.B.I Agent Dale Cooper to try and find out who done it.
For most of the first seasons 8 episodes it's the character of Cooper that's keeping me interested. Mainly because he seems to use his dreams as a legitimate way of solving crime, (remember in 1992 when it was made there was no such thing as DNA or the Internet so Dreams were considered good solid evidence).
Anyway I'm pretty sure that the Palmer murder plus several others had all been solved by part way through the second season but Agent Cooper is still investigating something, (not sure what), by this point I've become too distracted by the dancing midget who speaks backwards and all the faces that keep morphing out of everyday objects, but I do know he's playing a game of chess). By the end I'm not so much trying to figure out who done it I'm more trying to figure out what exactly they've done.

Anyway I wont ruin it.
here's links for the first season.
credit to the uploader

If anyone wants links to season 2 hit me up and I'll put them on here.
But trust me this shit is amazing.

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