Wednesday, 7 January 2009

New year.

So it's a new year then.
Year of the ox.

Only 3 years left till the end of the world
If I were you I'd start accruing some debt cos there's no point in saving
My plan for this year is to sort my life out a bit
I'm gunna start actually looking for work rather than just waiting for it to rock up.
I also plan to try and be a little bit more serious in my approach to a lot of things.
That's why I've not been on here for a week or so.
Because I've been being really serious about my self.

So anyone who's got a job offer can get hold of me via

Right that's bout all I wanted to say.
I've recently realised that I must have at least 8 or 9 regular readers so hello to you.
Feel free to send me topic suggestions or things to review.
I'll try and keep it interesting.

1 comment:

treenymac said...

I'd like to see your top 5 rude words up soon please. Can i throw in the suggestion of 'pussyole' (all one word). Cheers. Catriona.