Thursday, 22 January 2009

Supposed to have a gig last night..
Kat Vipers for the launch of her album.
Didn't go according to though.

I'm not completely sure what happened but I know the end result was that the drummer +drum kit was unable to get to the venue in time for the doors opening so the venue decided to pull the night. It wasn't anybody's fault but I did feel bad for Kat because I know she put a lot of work in.

I dunno if yu can see in the photos but on stage there was a full size harp, a whole load of percussion, 2 double basses, keyboards and a myriad of other instruments.

It was a sad moment when they turned the lights on and everybody realized that it wasn't going to happen.

Still it was also Kyle's Birthday and him and Jon had come down with me so we went out with a few of our London mates and hung around Brick Lane for a bit.

We met these 2. Our new mates.
These two look and speak like Guy Ritchie created them as a bit of comic relief.
I imagine that at the end of the film they'd be the ones walking off with the money after a series of amusing and almost implausible coincidences. 
Proper pair of chancers

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