Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Smoking and Wanking.

Remember back in the good old days of 2004 when they changed the law regarding the classification of Cannabis?
Downgrading it from Class B to C.
Well they've decided it's going back up.
B again.
Plus apparently now if you get caught with it in your possession then it's an instant £80 spot fine and potentially 5 years in jail.

My experience with weed tells me that 
if someone's got green on them, plus they've got £80 in cash. Then they're probably selling eighths. 

Also none of the information I've been reading about this says anything about how much is considered to be, "for personal use" and the decision to fine/charge you comes down to the individual officer involved. 
So basically the police can operate at their own discretion. 

Which means that all it takes is for some jumped up little oike with a can of CS gas and a chip on his shoulder to come at you on some power trip and out of nowhere your up on a 5 stretch for smoking twos on a spliff.


The other law that's changed or changing recently is about porn.
It's now illegal to own/view porn that is considered to be of a violent or aggressive nature.
To be honest if you where going to think up a statement like that then you probably haven't watched any porn since the 70's.

All porn is aggressive.

In fact I'll tell you what porn isn't aggressive.
Shit porn.

I mean where does it stop?
 What about if the dudes like "Take it you bitch" That's quite aggressive. 
Or if he's got his hand round her throat for a bit of sexy pseudo-strangling? 
Or what about just smacking the girl's ass while he rocks it from the back?
What about that eh? And again as far as I can tell this law is only about watching it. 
Actually doing it seems to still be allowed, provided everyone involved knows what's going on and safe-words have been established.

But yeah I was just a bit surprised to hear that if
If I want to smoke a little reefer while I'm watching a bit of fuck-fighting then I'm potentially looking at an 8 year bid. 
It's almost enough to make me take the satsuma out of my mouth, put the bong down and turn the web-cam off.

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