Saturday, 17 January 2009

Plym off

Yu know the last Lord of the Rings Film?
Yu know how it feels like it's reached the end and then it goes on for about half as long again.
Well thats what it's like going to Plymouth from Leggy.

Seriously long yu get me.
and Bristol is like that fake ending 'cos it's still another 2 hours to the Moff

I've been here befor so I sort off knew what to expect.
They've done a bit of remodeling though.

Check that out for a dynamic juxtaposition of the old and new.

Anyway I was working in a school doing poetry init.

Then there was a gig in the evening organized through the same people.

Thing is I didn't realize is it'd be in the school.
Thankfully I wasn't alone in my awkwardness.
I had a friend.
If you don't know his name then check him out.
I personally believe that neither one of us is really suitable for a performance in a school.
But they give us free wine so that took the edge off. 
But it sort off fucked up the self editing 
I'm sure that I said a few things that were pretty far from suitable

I went and chilled with my old mate Lacey after drank some Red Wine then went back to my hotel

I was supposed to go home today but instead I stayed on so I could go breaking in the evening with my mates Mike and Ricky.

I'd had a little bit of time off dancing since finishing Tag last year but I've been back on it since November and I'm almost ready to start posting videos.

Anyway I managed to find something to do with the rest of my day.
I went for a photo-shoot.
Thanks to Tim Cresswell
Clash and Clash Photography for the hook up

The studio space was dope and we made this funny thing to tunnel the light.

Here's some of the pics

that's the action shot

PhotobucketBlue Steel

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Neon Skullz said...

Photoshoot is alot!
U gonna be in clash mag?