Friday, 22 January 2010

Race Wars.

So there's a well-founded rumour flying about at the minute through out the Barang community.

Word on the street is that due to the tightening of Thailand’s employment laws a lot of expats currently living in Thailand are planning on making the move over here to potentially start teaching jobs in Cambodia.

That’s right the Falang are planning on coming over here and taking away jobs from hard working Barang.

Well the Barang ain’t happy with these Falang opportunists.

Coming over here with their superior fake Degree certificates that they got on the Ko Sang Road. (I don’t know how to spell it but you know the road I’m talking about).

Coming over here with their fancy technology and there genuine teaching experience. Taking valuable classroom hours away from our inexperienced Barang builders/teachers.

Coming over here with their Chang beer T-shirts and better quality flip-flops.

Next thing they’ll be after our Khmer women.

Those Falang are sexual deviants. Give them the chance and they’ll be grabbing up our taxi-girls and sleeping with our prostitutes.

Look I’ve got nothing against Falang yeah.

I mean I went to school with one.

I’d even say some of my best friends are Falang.

But I wouldn’t want my sister going out with one, yu know what I mean.

It seems the message on the lips of the majority of Barang is the same.

“Oi Falang this is our country. Fuck off back where you came from!”

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