Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Game.

So I'm sat in the bar the other night and someone's talking about the clearly delusional nutcase who's taken over the lease on the bar over the way they'd watched him put a sign outside advertising "the game"
basically it's like who wants to be a millionaire but with yes/no answers to general knowledge questions.

Top prize is a Harley Davidson or the cash equivalent of 50,000,000 Riel (about $13,000)

So I'm up for entering. Even though just a week and a half ago this quiz master geezer told me that I must be mentally handicapped because I believe that AIDS exists.
he's giving it "It's all a conspiracy, why won't you listen to me?"

Anyway he's apparently doing this to promote his bar.
(He was going on about putting up a big thing about it on something called Khmer 444.
Now I googled Khmer 444 and what actually came up was a thing called Khmer 440 Forum. I figured this must be the one but when I tried to visit the website a warning popped up saying that this website may damage my computer so I haven't seen it eh.)

Oh and as special U.S.P for this game he also painted his Nigerian barman white with what was apparently gloss paint.

The sign outside says that the game will go on every night till somebody wins the top prize or until the 6th Jan (last day of Christmas).
The game must be played by exactly 12 people at least on of which must be a Khmer translator.
Oh yeah and while the game is going on everybody else other that the 12 playing must leave the bar because the gamesmaster doesn't like being interrupted.

So by half 8 he had arrived and was ready to begin. Unfortunately 14 people where sat down wanting to play. He had also forgotten one of his bells and after a 25 minute dictatorial rant at all staff and would be participants he stormed off to collect his forgotten bell.
8 out of the 16 people took this opportunity to run away. As fast as they could getting as far from the nightmarish circus that emanated from this maniac as they could.

By the time he'd returned there was only 11 people other than him self in the bar. 3 of these were his staff. 5 of the others where our syndicate. We'd decided to play as a group and share any winnings that came out of it.
So we dragged in 2 of his staff and 2 random Khmer kids from off the street and the game began.
The way it worked was with 2 playing cards, 1 red, 1 black.
red symbolising yes, black no. To help us remember this the game show host told us to all think of black as like evil and the worst thing ever. "That'll help you remember it's negative'
Anyway after each question we had to lay the appropriate card face down on the table then he lays his and we turn ours over.
Same as him you go on to the next question.
Different from him you have to leave the bar.

He also thought the questions up on the spot.
So it was basically about matching up with his interpretation of the truth. Not actually knowing the right answer.
and also all the questions were about some kind of conspiracy.

Apart from this one question 4.
"Yes or No? last year I flew to San Fransisco for a conference called the Real Truth about AIDS? true or false?"

That's not a general knowledge question.
He might as well ask what his favorite colour is.

Any way last man in the syndicate took 500,000 Riel (US$125)
split 5 ways was pretty cool but not worth the rigmarole.

Next day we went back with 12 of us and a plan based on slight of hand averages and manipulating the host/rules. When we arrived he'd put a sign up saying the game was over because someone had won the big prize last night.
Lies we only won 1% of the total prize offered.
Again the sign said it was all explained on that same virus riddled forum.
Bit disappointing.

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