Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Sat in my usual seat at the corner of the bar I get to observe a lot
of social interaction. I get to see a lot of people meeting for the
first time.
I get to see a lot of single people on the pull.
Its funny to watch. The dynamic can change at any minute.

Here's an example. 3 girls enter a bar where 2 lads are drinking. Lets
say so far everyone's English. In the absence of anything better the
girls start to chat to these guys.

Right now imagine these lads are basically the worst examples of human
beings that society's ever miss-managed to produce. And they turn it
on for the girls. Girls who on the whole are generally a bit naieve
and sometimes a bit too confident in their illinformed opinions. But
other that that they seem to be nice girls who maybe deserve a bit
better than the worst men on the planet.

Anyway, if this dynamic stays unchanged for the remanded of the
evening then that means these separate collections of people form one
new group.

Generally people only stay in Phnom Penh for about 3/4 days so usually
these groups will hold for the duration.

But then there's the random factor.
This can shatter the dreams of any territorial English dickhead.
See at any moment as if from nowhere one of the girls starts talking
about some people they met when they went tubing in Lao.
And quicker than you could say ticking a box, boom up rocks these very

9 out of ten times this turns out to be a group of tight-vested
Australian dickheads.

A completely different class of dickhead.

Generally the English get out twatted but put up a good fight.

Still that tubing experience was some tight knit group binding shit. I
mean remember when Johnno cut his leg goes a long way over remember
yesterday when we played pool.

Inevitably the girl ends up going away from the bar with a dickhead.
So whatever happens I supose they're all losers.

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