Sunday, 16 November 2008

Concave or convex, whichever way you look at it Curve is open.

So I've been doing this thing at Curve all week,
Quickly for those that don't know what Curve is,
If you've ever been to Leggy City Centre then I'm sure you know the G-Spot swingers club,
(formally DieHard).
Right well yu know that thing opposite that looks like a new cinema or something,
Well that's Curve,
It's a proper fancy new Theatre.
Yeah a Theatre....

yu know for putting on plays and that.
(Plays are like Films except performed live in a big room that's been specially made for 'um).

Well anyway, I've been doing this thing there all week as part of the promenade performance that is the opening event.
The piece I've been doing has changed a lot since I first performed it last monday afternoon.
The first big change was it original had integrated dance but the concrete floor in my designated area soon put the kibosh on that.
Next change was location. I was struggling to attract an audience inside the walls of Curve, partly due to the exciting and shiny new architecture of the building but also partly because I was directly competing with a troop of circus performers swinging around on trapeases/high-wires either side of my area. After advice from interested friends I moved outside the front door on top of a soap-box and timed the performance of the piece so as it's end coincided with the front of house opening time. This meant I had a semi-captive audience, obviously this worked a lot better.
I've now performed the piece 10 times over 7 days with varying levels of success. Every performance has been different and I've adapted accordingly.
Fittingly the piece itself is about change.
Here's the piece and some pics of me doing it.
I'm wearing a suit on the V.I.P night and the geezer I'm with is the architect, we are indoors.

Hopefully I'll be back at Curve in the near future, maybe all the way inside or maybe even on the stage.

Thanks to Neil, Ben, Steve, Melv and Jay for taking the pics, offering opinions and lending the box.

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