Tuesday, 8 September 2009

3 in one.

So the van I'd been driving failed it's M.O.T a few weeks ago.
In fact if I ever gave you a lift anywhere in that car then right now you should probably have a little moment of silence for the old MF GhostWhip.

Done that?

Right not having a car wouldn't really be that much of an issue except for the other weekend was Reading and Leeds Festival.
Again not normally a problem but this year out of the blue they'd gone and booked me and our kid
(Andy Craven-Griffiths,) to perform on the alternative stage.

I think it probably came about
via a recommendation from Luke Wright
so big up to him for that.

Andy was also playing both festivals with his band Middleman.
Stage times for the band meant Andy would be at the wrong site on the Friday making the Leeds slot a Berko solo show.

Oh yeah and of course I was also doing every night at Shambala in the wandering words yurt thanks to the holistic hardman hippy Pete Hogg.

So that's about 700 miles and probably 4 or 5 shows at 3 festival.
Fortunately I had an accomplice;
Ladies and Gentlemen
one more time for Kate Tempest.
Kate was booked for the same festivals some with band some on her own.

The PeteBox was also performing at Leeds and Reading and even though we've been facebook friends and rotated in the same Nottingham social circles for years, we'd never actually met.
So that was exciting.

Anyway here's the process as a list of actions.
Sleep is for the weak.

6am wake up
7.30am Ferry form Sound of Rum drives us all to Leeds.
11.30am arrive at Leeds Festival
12pm perform @ Leeds alternative stage.
1pm Berko drives to Shambala
6.30pm arrive at Shambala Festival
7pm Perform @ Shambala
4am sleep
7am wake up
7.30am Berko drives him and Kate to Reading. (Andy is meeting us there)
11.30am arrive at Reading Festival
12pm perform @ Reading alternative stage.
1pm Berko drives to Shambala
6.30pm arrive at Shambala Festival
7.30pm Perform @ Shambala

Yu get the gist eh.
Just a weekend of driving, introducing my self to audiences, saying "production?" to security guards and constantly repeating myself. (Avoided writing the last sentence again as some sort of really cheep joke, but to be honest I'm better than that)

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