Sunday, 8 March 2009

Who watches what I'm watching?

you know what this is.
It's Berko's occasional foray into telling yu about things to watch,
I'm gunna build it in though.
check it out

I've been doing a lot of youth projects of late, (I figured I should try and give something back to da yute dem).

On one project I had a 14 year old girl called Sophie tell me,
"Yu know what yeah? If you got a decent hair cut, had a shave and got some nice clothes then you might be alright yu know, not alright to fancy like, but alright as a mate."

I told her if she was about 10 years older and didn't have a mouth like an arse then she might be alright an all,

anyway on a different project I'm working with a graphic novelist called Al Davison a.k.a. the Astral Gypsy.
Al is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met so check him out.
Al has made me want to develop moments from my life into comic form, so I've been drawing a lot on the last few weeks.
He made his own life story into a graphic novel called The Spiral Cage
and the forward is written by
Alan Moore.

Yeah Alan Moore........ who wrote Watchmen. (Bang d'yu see how I linked it).
So anyway I've just finished watching the Watchmen motion comics, (torrent link)
It's the graphic novel set in motion, It's like a cartoon but it's not a cartoon. Feels like a film because of the angles yu get me.
I'm saying it's probably one of the best things I've ever seen. And I fucking mean that.

This is an edited version with Alan Moore reading the duologue
I really like the character Rorschach,
The one with the mask that changes to different "blot-test" patterns.
Down load the torrent and watch it eh.
Anyway the films out now init.
I'm actually gunna go the the cinema.
yeah not downloading. can you imagine?
We're going in a group of us, bout 10 I reckon, and we've been talking about taking masks so we can fight some crime on the way home.
I've been a vigilante once before and it was one of the best moments of my life.
Tell yu about it next time.

here's a Rorschach test yu can do yourself, write down what you think each blot looks like and email it to me.

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