Saturday, 7 March 2009

The other side of the Lectern.

I was on it yesterday yu know.
I had to give a talk at a University,
Well I say talk, it was more just an introduction,
and I say University, it was actually Demonfort.
I was actually introducing one of the special guests they had for the cultural exchanges thing that's been going on all this week.
Big up Demontfort for this week, there's been some good people on, Lemn Sisay, Billy Brag,
They got me in cos this time their guest was my mate, JONZI D. so it made sense for me to big him up eh.

if you don't know Jonzi then click his big name up there and have a look.
He's basically one of hiphop theatre's pioneers. Hiphop theatre is basically theatre made in the audio/visual language of hiphop and it's elements. The hiphop elements are basically rapping, breaking, djing, graffiti and beatbox. so that's basically it.

see I worked with Jonzi since 2006 and we've spent a lot of time talking about hiphop as a language so if yu want I can get less basic.
in fact that shit gets as deep as time travel.
Right I ain't telling yu bout Jonzi's talk cos he does um all over the place so catch it yu self. Trust me though it's worth a listen.

here's my role in the day as a list of actions and observations.

Enter building,
follow signs to hospitality suit,

sit watching excited faces talking through smiles at nodding Jonzi,
watch Jonzi process information before spilling answers into hungry ears,
hungry myself now,
ask about buffet and smile as am pointed in it's direction,

sandwiches spread thinly over mostly empty table, run my fingers through them,
fillings unfamiliar,
put tea bag in cup,
fill cup with hot coffee,
realise mistake and back away from table empty handed,
they're calling me now,

follow people down stairs and into room,
more excited faces pregnant with promise and anticipation, naive vestals ready to be filled from Jonzi's fountain of hiphopology,

2 o'clock now I stand at lectern,
recant story of our first meeting
Jonzi smiles, story finishes,

We awkwardly embrace,
I sit, writing this,

Jonzi finishes speaking people leave,
we leave to.

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