Tuesday, 10 March 2009

"for many years in the future I will be fascinated by time travel",

this blog for example, exists in multiple times,
right now it is only 2 lines long and only exists as an idea from the past about the future being brought into existence now. In the present.

When I wrote that in the past it was true but right now in the present as your reading this then that might seem confusing, if you ever read this passage again in the future it'll probably make more sense,
In the past when I thought about writing this my plan was to read it out in front of a crowd in a room in London, In the present this is still my plan
In the future I have achieved this, in fact that's happening right now, In this room with these people,
I am filming it here in the present, I plan to put the video on youtube in the future, when I do it'll appear in the past as if it was always there, 

If you where in the video of the past and it looks like I don't know you, that's because I haven't met you yet, I'm gunna do that now.

what's your name,
good to meet you"

see perhaps time is an unchangeable constant and all our destinies are predetermined,
or maybe I'm just talking shit, there is no video, I never read this out, we never met, the future is undetermined and the past was written earlyer today.

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Polarbear said...

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