Saturday, 13 December 2008

Right I know what yu thinking.
You're all like,
"yo Berko if you actually want anyone to dedicate their preshus time to reading the nonsence you write in yu blog then you actually have to write blogs."
and yeah that's fair enough.
I mean I'm the first to admit, I have been a bit slack with the old reporting on mundanity. 

But I'm going to claim that it's not completely my fault.

I've been ill see. it's that crazy sneezing, runny nose, can't quite cough hard enough to get the phlem out kind of wintery illness and I've been it's bitch for a few weeks now.
Don't get me wrong it's not like i'm immobile or ownt. just feeling a bit shit.

The big news for regular readers is that I've had to sign off
No job as such but I'm in Germany this weekend and they don't like you just like fucking off to Europe chasing the old Euros when they're paying you to be seeking gainfull employment.

Anyone reading this in Germany might want to come see me in the flesh and if that's the case I'll be at the Munich Slam on Sunday night. 
If you are reading this any time after that or don't live in Germany then sorry.

In other news fans of me cutting my own hair will no doubt be delighted to learn that I've done it again.

Sorry to say the mullet has gone. Although any one who's partial to hairstyles that make you look like you reside in a house on wheels will surely be delighted to see the off-centre rat's-tail I'm currently rocking.

Pictures to follow tomorrow sorry flat battery on my phone so I can't bluetooth it to my McLapbook and I'm also out sourcing photography on this trip to my new friends Rhyl, Ko, Alex, Dorean and Heinen 
I've got like 5 unpublished blogs on the stickies init. 
So don't worry shit's gunna be fireing in the next few days.

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