Saturday, 13 December 2008

One hour ahead

Yu know what I'm thinking.
When I'm in Germany and it's nine o'clock and in England it's eight o'clock yeah.
or vica versa
(probably a German word or pair of words whatever).
Well any way we all know about that hour a head bit that the world worked out so as time was the same everywhere and that day is always day.

Well where does THAT LINE come.
is it an instant thing like you cross the line and it's an hour later.
cos if thats the case and your ten years old living on the edge of the "Early-side" of That Line then check this out.
Here's what you should do.
Start hanging out with kids who live on the other side.
Yep, you heard me chill with the othersiders.
That way when it's like 8 o'clock and there all going in you can go and stand outside their houses so they see you're still out and they'll get mad jelouse and you'll look well cool.

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