Friday, 27 July 2012


OK then, Over a year since I said I was getting back on it I final post a blog. I'm saying nothing.
So anyway. I went to Latitude Festival week before last. Only for a night though. It was ok.
I was part of a crowd that booed a man off stage during a rap battle.
 I drank a Cider that had cost something close to Seven and a half pound, (cup included).
And I slept next to a hirsute Spaniard in the back of a van.
's'about it really.
2 days later I purchased a 50 percent share in that van for 50p under the condition that I take possession of it and find a buyer.

Her it is.

If you want to buy it let me know.

Any way last week I was in Croatia for Soundwave Festival.
I presented the main stage on the Friday daytime and then DJed on a boat party for 4 hours on the Sunday.
#Hardwork really.

Boat party was good
I downloaded the virtual DJ Ap, put on a captains hat and brushed my beard out.
Literally everyone was into it.

Like so into it.

Crazy really.

I just played Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, MIA and Groovrider.
Imagine it.
The view from my room was pretty good.

That's where I lived

I met a couple of bands who were really good.

Amber States

And Scrimshire

Check them out, you might like them.

I'm off to Camp Bestival Tomorrow
and it should be good because I've got a load of duty free fags to shift.

Like I said if you know anyone looking.

Oh yeah,

and also since I last posted a blog I've had a child.
He was 6 months old today.
He's ace.

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