Thursday, 7 July 2011

Long Time no blog.

Let me start by just saying hello.


It's been a while since I added anything to here.
Yu see shortly after posting the last blog on here (by shortly I mean like 3 hours), I fell asleep with my balcony door open. When I woke up my Macbook was gone. No coming back.

That was like a year ago now. And I finally managed to save up enough money to get a new one like last month.

So I figured I'd get back on it.

A lot of shits gone down since we last spoke. To be honest it's too much to go into in any great detail at the minute.
You see there's this thing in Cambodia where you can't really say bad things about certain people while you are still in the country.
Added to this I'll be back in England in 9 days time and I'll be on at Latitude later that night.
So I don't want to fuck it up by saying something on the fucking internet that stops me getting clear of the departure lounge.

Know this though, there are some fucked up people in this country. Some domestic and a lot of forign.
You see this place is like a haven for sex-tourists. And their more weathered cousins the Sex-pat (N: ex-pat sex pest).
The streets are riddled with them. Oozing their grimy fingers across potentially underage and unquestionably impoverished girls.

Now some of these perverts are easy to spot. But some are undercover.
I worked at a university when I was here. Won't say the name because the name is also the name of the founder who is an actually megalamaniac who has stocked the shelves of the library with multiple 600 page books about him, by him.

One of them is basically a coffee table book containing photographs of parades in his honer and him shaking hands with what looks like the most inner-circle of the league of evil. (Except the only American is Mel Gibson).

Again more about that when I get back on British soil.

You know at one point the Cambodian government blocked access to blogspot because of a blog that said anti-government things.

So I'm saying nothing,
And am now worried that I already said to much.

Anyway there was this one guy at my work who I hate.
And I really mean HATE.

He's a Wrongun. And as I still have a week in the country I'm considering tracking him down and beating him.

He should not be allowed to be responsible for young people or children.
He was on a field trip that I was on and he borrowed the school camera on the night of the "Pool Party" (4 star hotel, I forgot to say my school was only for the richest kids).
Anyway me and a friend took the camera off him after an hour and a half and he'd taken 54 photos.
(we had 100 students and 2/3rds of these kids were boys)
80% of his pictures were of just girls. (There was also a girl in every other photo but none that were only of boys)
37 of them were of the same group of 4 friends. 15 year old girls.
This guy is like 46 and had been entrusted by these kids parents to make sure no halm would come to them.
He's a Wrongun.

Anyway. There will be more info as time passes.
Photos will come when my internet gets better.

Big yu selves up

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