Tuesday, 17 February 2009

War Magazine


That's an article about Pillers in the first issue of the relaunched 

Here's a review I've sent them for the next issue.
See if they print it eh.

The Man in The Mirror
By John Berkavitch

Have you heard the expression Turkish Cousins? 
It’s when instead of actually touching each other, 
a man and woman just watch each other masturbate.
See I was keen to try it and I'd heard about this technique 
for stand-up-show-wanking, (wanking for an audience). 
In the absence of any woman willing to consent to my experiment 
I used a mirror, but the basic principals are the same. 
Here’s the theory. I stand naked with my left side facing the mirror 
and grip my erect penis with my right hand. Holding the hand in place, 
I thrust with my hips simulating the action of sex. 
Basically fucking the hand.

That’s the pretence. The reality of it was very unsatisfying. 
It was a lot more tiring and time consuming than your standard wank 
and eventually I just gave in and finished off as usual. 
I also found the mirror very distracting. Looking at myself really 
brought home the reality of what I was doing and inspired feelings of 
disappointment, guilt and shame. So in that respect a lot like actual sex. 
I’ve been trying to put the whole thing behind me 
but still can’t make eye-contact with my reflection. 

Next month I plan to give myself a stranger. 

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