Thursday, 29 July 2010

Lisa S

When I'm at home I like to do a lot of different things.
Two of these are watching TV and using the Internet.

I like to both at once because sometimes I'm waiting for something to load/stream/buffer and sometimes it's the adverts/commercials/nothing good's on.
So it kind of balances out.

Now out here both can be a bit difficult.
Internet is generally slow due to a lack of decent broadband.

And TV can be difficult because of the small number of TV channels that are in English.
Generally it comes down to a choice of 6

A version of the popular American Channel. The Wire, Heroes, etc.
Things you probably downloaded or bought the box set of.

Star World
The predominant force behind English language TV in South East Asia. American Idol, How I met your mother, America's next top model, etc. The 1st channel I ever saw that had the same presenter for everyone of its shows/links/adverts/idents.
The incredibly hard working Lisa S.

The DVD Channel
Cambodia's only feature in my regular channel hopping. Basically this channel broadcasts a selection of the latest Pirate DVDs.
DVDs that were most likely purchased in one of the shops on the riverside.

Star Movies
That's right same company as before. This time all movies and movie related shows. Thing is though once again all the shows/adverts/idents hosted by Lisa S.

Actually 2 completely different channels. But they are next to each other numerically and I can never remember which shows are on which.
These 2 just fill in the blanks left by Star World and HBO. Total Wipeout, House, So you think you can dance, etc.

Music channel playing alternating videos of the same 3 Korean Girl Bands with the occasional Boy Band to keep it interesting. Never really stay on this channel long. Only included it here because once again all the links/shows/adverts/idents courtesy of Lisa S.

So what you might notice is that 50% of my TV watching potentially involves Lisa S.
Now before I came here I had never heard of her and I wanted to make a blog about her for people back home to read.

and when I started this blog it was originally gunna be about how lackluster she is sometimes and how I don't understand why the use her so much because she's not really that good.
But then I discovered something.

Lisa S isn't on the Internet.
Well at least not like she is on TV.

it is infact surprisingly difficult to find a picture of Lisa S on the Internet.
This freaked me out. I mean I know not everbody's got pictures of them on the Internet. My Nan for example.
But I'm also pretty sure that my Nan doesn't present 68 simultaneous hours of TV 7 days a week.
And that's when I realised the inescapable truth.

Lisa S is obviously a registered trademark of Star World.

Maybe even more than that. Maybe it's much more sinister.
Maybe Lisa S has somehow been put in the position where by she is no longer an employee of Star World's but she is now infact their property.
There are no pictures of her on the Internet because Star World's legal team made them all disappear.
And if they are in fact that powerful, just imagine what they could do to my web-presence.

Due to this inescapable fact I'm not actually going to put the one picture of Lisa S I found. (Actually unable to view the page it came from without "registering" and to be fair I just don't like the word.) Here's a link

I'm genuinely a little bit worried that what I say is the true so if you don't hear from me for a wile then maybe they got to me too.
For now I'm just gunna put Star World on. To see if Lisa S is trying to call for help with her eyes.

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